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Wiring a New Home for Audio Video Distribution

August 6th, 2017 12:00am

Wiring a New Home for Audio Video Distribution

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The modern homeowner is looking for modern home entertainment. If you’re a builder in the Mesa, AZ area, providing homeowners with exciting options can help your business grow. Prewiring new constructions with the hardware necessary for an audio video distribution system makes your properties more sellable. To learn more about the process of wiring a home for the latest audio and video options, continue reading. 


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Wiring for Video Distribution

A video distribution system centralizes all of your video sources to one location but allows homeowners to access their media from any chosen rooms. This option hides equipment while still providing top-quality picture as well as many source options like Dish, Apple TV, or more. Basically, it’s a huge selling point and sets your constructions apart. Pre-wiring a home for video distribution means laying down the necessary infrastructure, but homeowners add their own media and screens. The basic process involves laying down CAT6 and coax wires throughout the home. This system will allow you to hardwire televisions into the network, which means better media performance--especially with the even popular streaming services. Here are a few questions that typically come up around pre-wiring for video:


● Why not HMDI cords? The answer is that these tend to go bad over time, and therefore don’t offer the same future-proofing benefits.


● Will most electronics work with CAT6 wires? Both of these can be converted to the wire you want to use--like HDMI.


Wiring for Audio Distribution

Whole home audio is very similar to video distribution. Your audio sources are centralized while the sound can be distributed in all the different rooms of the home. Homeowners tend to get very excited about the possibility of great sound in every room. To make installing an audio video distribution system even more appealing, both projects use the same wires: CAT56. This cord connects the speakers in each room to the sources and to the audio system. Home buyers are looking for homes that are move-in ready. That means an audio system complete with speakers. Finding the right audio equipment can be a little tricky if you don’t typically work with sound. The right speakers for a space depends upon the acoustic properties, the size, and the materials used in the room. Working with an audio professional like Automated Environments ensures that all of these factors are taken into consideration to find the best speakers possible.

If you’re interested in outfitting your next construction with an audio video distribution system, you’ll need a partner to help perfect your system. Impress future homeowners by contacting Automated Environments today.


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