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Commercial Audio Distribution


Distributing audio throughout a commercial space is different than a multi–room audio system for a home, the equipment and how you connect it is different. Automated Environments has a completely dedicated commercial department with system engineers that will design your audio system to bring your business alive with incredible sound.

Restaurants/Sports Bars – Audio is just as important as video when it comes to a restaurant/sports bar and delivering a great client experience. Whether it is the sound of a sporting event or music to liven up the atmosphere, a well–designed audio system will compliment your video system and deliver an overall better experience for your clients. The longer a patron stays in your facility, the more food and drinks you sell and the more money you will make.

Zoning your audio system will give you the flexibility to control the volume levels for different areas, further improving the client experience. You will be able to raise or lower the volume levels as your peak busy times come and go, and having the flexibility to dial in the volume to counter the ambient noise is critical. Another option to consider, having the ability to have music playing in the dining area while the sound from the Super Bowl is playing in the bar or patio, whatever your needs are we can help deliver the best experience to your clients.

Community Centers/Club Houses – We work with many of the top home builders to design and install audio distribution systems in their Community Centers/Club Houses. We can provide back ground music for the common areas like hallways, bathrooms, exercise rooms, outdoor around the pool and front entrance to the buildings, multipurpose rooms and much more. We work closely with the owners to go over each space within the building and design a system that will fill all their needs. As an example, the multipurpose room could possibly have the need for a microphone for presentations or parties, the ability for a DJ to plug into the house speakers for a wedding, the audio from a satellite receiver for a Super Bowl party or just back ground music for a social gathering. We specialize in designing a system that is easy to use and delivers an incredible experience for the end user, your clients.

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