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Vantage InFusion Lighting


Our array of cutting-edge products provide precise automated lighting control with intuitive and sophisticated interfaces, and our total systems are smart, reliable, and simple to install. With Automated Environments, you have options of the best home automation products available, and Vantage InFusion is a front-runner.

Here are some of the advantages of the InFusion system over other alternatives:

  • Automation controls of artificial and natural lighting
  • precise climate control and sound diffusion
  • Changes to settings can be made as often as is necessary
  • InFusion controllers, dimming modules, sensors, timers and thermostats
  • The Vantage solution offers coordinated dimming of all lighting loads, including incandescent, fluorescent and LEDs
  • Wireless technology allows for seamless scalability without additional wires, all designed to meet the ever-evolving requirements of luxury spaces
  • With one controller, the centralized lighting system allows for up to 120 stations and with multiple controllers (up to 31) each with its own station bus connection, the system can control 120 on bus and 60 on Ethernet
  • Vantage has been designed to accommodate new installations and retrofit (wireless) projects, as well basic layouts that will eventually be extended to complete automated installations
  • Adherence with green initiatives 
  • Improved safety and energy efficiency
  • Products are designed to exceed the standards of code compliance


  • Elegant
  • Easy to use, one-touch control
  • Single room or whole house
  • A simple mobile app enables full control and monitoring of the installation remotely, from anywhere in the world
  • Personalised settings, with multiple profiles, enable the programming of scenarios to suit the needs of all users in the establishment

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