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Lighting Control Systems


Bring your home to life with a fully automated Lighting Control System and being Eco-friendly at the same time. Are you constantly having to turn off lights in bathrooms and closets long after the last person left? Did you forget to turn on your lights before going out to dinner and left your house dark to signal that no one was home? Would you like the warmth and added security of driving up to a well light home after dark? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Automated Environments can outfit your home with the lighting controls that will allow for you to easily see everything in the perfect light. We have options that are easily retrofittable into existing homes or full panelized lighting systems for new homes under construction.

Being partners with the top control system manufacturers (Control 4, Creston and Savant) enables us to offer our clients an experience like none other. Adding lighting control in with your home automation system gives you the ability to create amazing "scenes" in your home. A "scene" is a single button push or programmed scheduled event that activates multiple different electronic components in your home. and activate these scenes with either a scheduled event, button press via an app on your mobile device or touchscreen and now voice commands can be incorporated using an Amazon Echo/Dot device.

Lighting Control Systems

Existing homes can enjoy lighting control by easily swapping out your existing light switches with new controllable switches. We offer switches and dimmers that can control just about any type of light load, so if you have LED light bulbs or incandescent bulbs, we have a solution for you. Once controllable devices are installed, you can now set your own scenes that best fit your lifestyle. Another great benefit of retro fitting lighting control is you can do it in phases, making it financially easier on your wallet. As an example, you could decide to start with your exterior lights and key entertaining spaces in the home, then when it fits in your budget, add a couple rooms at a time till you build the system that fits all your needs.

Panelized lighting is really designed for the new homes that are under construction or an existing home that is going thru a major remodel, either way the earlier in the building process you decide to install panelized lighting the better. We work closely with the electrical contractor and since the wiring for lighting is different than what is usually done in a home, making this decision before framing starts is the best time. Instead of having a light switch for each load of lights, you have a keypad that can control multiple loads of lights with a single push of a button. Take a kitchen space as an example, you could easily have 3 to 6 or more loads of lights (can lights, pendants over an island, upper cabinet lights, under cabinet lights, toe kick lights along the floor under your cabinets, single light over the sink, etc.), which normally require a light switch for each load in a traditional lighting set up. But with panelized lighting, those loads are now run to a centralized panel normally located in a closet and the control for those loads is now thru a keypad and is programmed to different scenes. What you end up with instead of a bank of switches on your wall, is a very clean and elegant looking keypad which frees up your wall from clutter. In addition to less clutter, you can program the lights for different scenes like cooking (brighter lighting over the cooking area with softer lighting in surrounding areas), entertaining (softer lighting all the way around), coming home (all lights on) or late-night snack run (just a couple of the lights at low level just enough to see what you are doing). The options and number of scenes are endless so you can set as many as you would like, all without having to call us for additional programming.

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