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Vantage QLink Lighting Upgrade

January 28th, 2019 12:00am

Vantage QLink Lighting Upgrade

Does your Lighting Control System need upgraded?

The initial symptoms will be flickering lights, intermittent control and malfunctioning keypads. With a system as essential as lighting, service, upgrade or replacement is a necessity.
Many of the groundbreaking home and office automation systems of ten years ago require upgrades or replacement today due to advancements in LED technologies and environmental automation. Vantage’s technology enables backward compatibility with legacy systems and allows for seamless communication with another manufacturers’ architecture. New features that have been developed since your original system was installed will amaze you.
Whether you have a home theater or whole house automation system, Automated Environments is ready to assess your current system and upgrade or replace your system. As the InFusion system can use the existing QLink enclosures, keypad, motion sensors, and other components, the upgrade is affordable and easy.

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Brief History of advancements resulting in necessary upgrades:

•    Automation of lighting systems was first introduced more than 20 years ago. Vantage QLink was among the first systems offered. These groundbreaking systems revolutionized home ergonomics. 
•    By 1990 the very first whole house lighting control system emerged, offering remote control of dimmers and switches from remote panels. 
•    1994 LED technologies became affordable to the consumer. 
•    In 1997 RadioRA technology allowed two-way radio frequency to be used to control the lighting systems. 
•    Early 2000’s LED Technologies advance to smart electronics and similar devices. 


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