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Darwin Premier

Darwin Premier is the "Smartest Part of the Smart Home"


A Healthy Home is a Smart Home

Smart home technology design is for efficiency and functionality, all with a simple swipe on display. Darwin Premier adds a whole new dimension through solutions designed to enhance your health and wellbeing. The technology seamlessly evolves your smart home into a wellness home.

Here is how Darwin Premier elevates your quality of life.

  • Air purification
  • Water filtration
  • Dynamic lightening
  • Comfort elements

Air Purification

Fact, indoor air quality can be up to 5 times worse than it is outdoors.

The contaminants indoor and pollutants outdoor can adversely affect your respiratory health and cause severe allergies and breathing issues. Darwin Premier's air purification system keeps the air quality at an optimum level, odor-free, and detoxifies your home environment regularly.


The Science of Air Purification

The Indoor environment is no longer purified, and studies suggest that 65% of outdoor air contaminants invade indoor environments. Common major contaminants include pathogens, volatile or semi-volatile organic compounds & polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PHAs from stovetop cooking).

Darwin Premier utilizes efficient air sensors to detect air pollution levels and interacts with Darwin's hub. The mechanism allows real-time air quality mitigation, all the while maintaining data about contaminants and air quality levels.


Water Filtration

The Science of Water Filtration

The initial inspection includes on-site water testing and lab analysis, followed by the installation of a water filtration system. The water filter is for harmful elements such as bacteria, pathogens & chemical elements. Membrane filtration technology weeds out contaminants and is more efficient than conventional purification systems.

Water failing to meet Maximum Contaminant Level Goals (MCLGs) is responsible for serious health concerns such as autoimmune and chronic kidney disease. Common contaminants include heavy metals, chlorine, and other biological agents.

The essential element for life needs to be safe and free of toxins. Darwin Premier's water filtration technology throughout the home gives your family access to crystal clear water.


The Mechanism & Science of Dynamic Lighting

Research posits that disrupted circadian cycle is responsible for fatigue and anxiety. Suitable light intensity during the evening elevates sleep quality but won't impede your body's progress toward sleep.

Darwin Premier monitors the light calibration throughout the day, mimicking the natural light pattern. This feature improves your mood, cognitive ability & alertness in terms of wellness.


Comfort Elements

One-third of Americans sleep less than six hours per night. Lack of sleep results in no motivation and positivity and is associated with depression, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.

The Comfort Elements feature improves the quality of life by reducing stress. This is achieved by maintaining thermal and acoustics levels around the house, along with enhanced ergonomic & biophilic ambiance.


Science of Comfort Elements

The system works to enhance resting by continually keeping air quality levels in check. The waking mechanism adds incremental light and temperature in the morning to reduce the problem of waking up with shock from sleep that can negatively affect you.


Mayo Clinic Preferred Response Program

Darwin Premier collaborated with the Mayo Clinic's preferred program to give you direct access to health professionals globally.


Redefining the Way You Live

Equip your home with technology that offers mental & physical vitality to rejuvenate you from within. Click below to get in contact with our professional representatives about how you can get the benefits of a Smart Home experience!




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