Have you ever wanted to be surrounded with your favorite music when you wake up in the morning and get ready for your day? Have you ever thrown a party, only to find frustration in trying to use your home audio system? The solution to these problems and others is whole house audio.

Our audio systems not only deliver the highest quality sound, but can be installed anywhere in your home and they can be controlled from a variety of different devices. Here are some of the benefits that you will get from having Automated Environments install a full home audio system in your house:

  • High quality sound throughout your home and outside
  • Play all of your music from a variety of different devices, no matter where you are in your house
  • Ability to stream music and audio from compatible devices
  • Listen to the same song throughout your entire house or separate songs in separate zones

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Home Automation Products & Services

Home Theater & Video

Collecting all your video sources in a single location dramatically simplifies the way we use them. Combined with a control system built to work for you, experiencing any image you want, anywhere you are is convenient and ultimately more enjoyable.

Automated Home Lighting

Wall switches controlling lights, fans and even garbage disposals can all be brought into command using a custom Control4 or Crestron control system. While all lights are operated individually as normal, you can also set “scenes” to have lights working in any combination, perfectly matching your needs.

Heating and Air Conditioning

In many cases, the simple replacement of a wall thermostat let’s you set patterns of use that fit your life, meet your needs, and save on energy bills. You can easily find out if your system is compatible by contacting us.

Home Security

Protecting the life and safety of your family is a priority we take very seriously. We consider it a tremendous honor that you would trust us to implement a system meant to protect your family, property and peace of mind.

Home Surveillance Systems

Cameras are an important upgrade for any security system because they provide both a live feed for monitoring while you’re away and a video record of every second of every day. Video can be stored on your system for any amount of time you find appropriate.

Home Intercom Systems

Clear and effective communication between any parts of a home benefits every person in the home. Intercoms are conveniently located in some of the same control touch screens that work the all the prior systems ensuring they will always be closest to where you live the most.


Having a dedicated phone line in your home provides a valuable form of availability and information regardless of cellular reception or internet connectivity. Homes with business spaces especially benefit from a thorough, stable phone network.

Central Vacuums

Maintaining a clean, beautiful home enhances every experience and memory created there. A centralized vacuum system eases one of the most laborious cleaning tasks, reducing cleaning time and eliminating the hassles of maintenance and upkeep.