Commercial automation is no longer reserved for just the larger corporations. With automated video, audio, security, and data, you can manage and control every aspect of your business, from the safety of your employees to the buying process of your customers. No matter your need, we have a system that can help you to accomplish your goals in the most efficient manner possible.

Automated Environments has helped companies across the west coast to access their full potential. Large video displays can help to draw customers into your store while also providing automated information about all of your different products, all while high quality audio systems will be helping to promote purchases among the people in your store. At the end of the day, you will also be able to rest assured that your business will be safe and secure while you are gone with our top industry rated security systems. No matter your business or industry, we have something that can help! Take a look below to see all of the different types of commercial automation that we offer:


Automated Environments can install an intrusion system, camera system and an access control system into your business, all operated and managed from a single software platform. Imagine being able to click on an event and see credential information with supporting video verification in seconds. This can be implemented on a single site or multiple sites across the country all managed from a single location or you can have Automated Environments manage it for you.

In today’s media rich world, it is becoming more and more essential to use video in order to attract potential customers and drive purchases. Rarely will someone stop in order to read an advertisement or a product description, which can make video extremely important for conveying your business’ information to the greatest number of people.

It has been widely proven that music and sound can have a huge impact on your customers, no matter the industry in which your business is involved. By choosing the right music and playing it over a quality audio system, you will not only be able to attract new customers, but you will also be able to influence buying decisions and customer choices. A couple of speakers and an iPhone will not be able to complete this important task, making it essential to invest in a quality automated audio system.

With the ever-increasing number of systems in today’s structures, bringing them under a simple and easy to manage control interface not only makes sense operationally but fiscally. With the proper programming, a touch panel control system will grant any authorized user access to: lighting, shades, audio, video, security, video conference, surveillance cameras, thermostats, intercom, door locks and many other systems within a building.

This single-point solution can also be quickly and easily accessed from anywhere in the world via smart phone, tablet or computer giving you complete control of your facility any time you need. Even better, a control system will allow your facility to function on its own- intelligently knowing when to open shades, turn lighting off and set HVAC to preset levels when the last person sets the alarm and leaves. Energy monitoring can dim lights and adjust HVAC when approaching a tiered energy usage level. Smart buildings are here now at an affordable price helping you to quickly see a return on your investment.

Our BICSI certified installers provide certified professional bullet-proof installations in any variety of systems. From a sandwich shop operating on a cellular network to a mega office complex with multiple server rooms, our experienced staff can design and install a backbone network infrastructure to meet your needs.