Creating A Compelling Experience

At Cocomo Joe’s, music and video play an integral role in creating their signature island atmosphere.
So, when the owners decided to upgrade their system to one that could support both house and live music,
plus deliver crystal-clear HD video to every patron, they turned to Automated Environments.

The solution involved a two-step process that began with Automated Environments cleaning out years of old wiring that had been draping all
throughout the building, creating a headache for the owners and an eye-sore for the patrons.
Secondly, Magnum ran brand new cables that were dressed and hidden to create a clean, uncluttered look.
Now, any live band who comes to play at Cocomo Joe’s can tie into the house system with the push of a button.
The end result is an easily-maintained yet easily adaptable system that enhances Cocomo Joe’s “weekend state of mind.”


Project Photos