What is the trend in new or connected homes and offices today?

Being connected has taken on significantly different meanings in recent years. Technologies are constantly evolving and influencing many of the basic things we do each day. This rapid pace of change is not likely to slow down but rather speed up and become more complex, fortunately or unfortunately. No doubt, simplicity is not what it once was. Also inherent with this rapid change will come our ability to adapt, accept, and yes, evolve! Today we are accepting into our lives “smart” phones, “smart” toothbrushes, “smart” crockpots or coffee pots, “smart” clothes washers, “smart” door locks, low energy “smart” light bulbs, and the list goes on and on. More and more of our day-to-day life is “smart” driven, wirelessly connected, app driven, and when things do not connect correctly, increasingly frustrating. The evolving term “the internet of things” is an industry term coined in an attempt to describe how pervasive this connection really is. With only a few devices, we can determine how to get somewhere, what traffic or weather we will incur along the way, and provide an electronic notification indicating our “projected” time of arrival (if desired) to the person we intend to meet at the destination.

Residential Automation

Today it is estimated that statistically 100% of American households deploy at least one connected device or system in their homes. Further the analysis indicates today there are an average of 12 connected devices in over 80% of the homes within America. It is projected that in 5 years an average of 90 connected devices will be in over 95% of America’s homes. There is a huge battle brewing over the control and management of the growing pipe of data flowing into and out of a person’s home.

In our homes we have faced and repeated this evolution many times over. When the first TV with a remote came along we bought it because of the convenience to get up from the couch to change a television channel. Soon we had a basket full of incompatible remotes cluttering our lives when competing technologies elected to not talk to each other. As software improved, companies began to work together, and industries enforced standards, we were able to purchase one universal remote to do many functions; we were elated! This same analogy is playing out today in other sectors of technology. On the internet and sold within big box home improvement stores there are a host of “smart” home devices and technologies. Unfortunately, in many cases a number of these new technologies do not sync well or play nicely with other systems and/or competing technologies. Today we have transferred frustration from a basket full of remotes to a basket of applications on our phones, tablets, or computers. The same frustration is repeating itself because systems don’t talk well to each other. Overlooked is the simplistic desire to connect within a safe, stable and robust communication protocol.

For over 20 years Automated Environments has been helping technology savvy individuals, families, and business owners navigate through the ever changing world of system connectivity. We strongly believe there should be a basic, intuitive, and robust control system in each deployed system. This control system provides the “backbone” or “foundation” to further integration within a home or office automation system. When one purchases smart thermostats, lighting, switches, cameras, or any other subset of the smart building automation umbrella and these devices do not communicate appropriately with the other components or systems purchased, only added expense and frustration will occur. Having worked with many of the latest, greatest, and “flavor-of-the-day” technologies available we strongly recommend, install and support Control4, Savant, and Crestron systems. These manufacturers provide proven solutions and system components that sync, talk, and work together. When considering deploying the advancing automation technologies today Automated Environments can help you build a seamless “one remote” solution that will provide the benefits you seek. We look forward to working with you on your frustration free automation solution.

—From your friends at AE

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