Three Ways to Automate Your Holiday Decor


Holidays are full of fun and festivities, but if you’re not careful, they can also come with a lot of added stress and expense. Current automation technologies available to you today can enhance the enjoyment of the holiday season and help you curb expense and planning.

Save Energy with Automated Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Holiday Lighting often adds decor, ambiance, and a festive nature to the season.  However, these lights can also increase energy costs. Whole house automation systems can be programmed to enable your outdoor holiday lights to function according to a set schedule set by you.  You won’t have to worry about turning them off before bed, trudging out into the dark to disconnect a plug, or using unseen energy to keep the lights on through the night.  Automation systems can turn lights on or off based upon changing sunset times, a programmed lighting scene, or simply shut off after 4-5 hours according to your preferred timing.

Add to the Safety of Your Home with Automated Indoor Lighting

Sitting around a well-lit Christmas tree, a Menorah, or other festive holiday displays can be a magical experience for whole families. The heat generated from older incandescent holiday lights, lights not properly located, or lights not adequately powered can create unintended and uninvited hazards into your home. Automation systems will not protect against misuse of applied common sense which includes inappropriate overloading of electrical circuits. However, Automation Systems use standard switching protocols within installed home electrical systems, allow you to create and deploy settings for unique loads or decorations to shut off whenever you leave the home (GEO Fencing apps), enable devices to be actively turned off after certain periods of time (pre-programmed themes or scenes), and other protections that potentially decrease hazards and exposures.

Set the Mood for Holiday Party

Most people enjoy visiting, reacquainting, and spending time together during the Holidays. Hosting big events for friends and family can be very stressful. Automation eases this stress by creating pre-set “moods” or “scenes” for holiday events. These settings incorporate different levels of lighting, timing of device switches, music channels or levels, and/or temperature to help your home feel warm and inviting. Outdoor spas can be heated according to a schedule, window shades lowered when you sit down to watch a movie, or specific holiday-themed doorbell tones programmed when someone approaches your home.  There are countless options available to create your desired mood.

The functionality of a movie room or home theater, indoor or outdoor space, room or whole house automation system is only limited by your imagination. Systems are available to help you eliminate stress, add functionality, and make your home and life more enjoyable. The items presented above are simple but can truly make a BIG difference in achieving desired ambiance while reducing holiday stress.  Contact our team at Automated Environments to explore ways where automation can improve your holiday experience.

Photo by Joe Buckingham / CC BY

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