Simplify Your Nightly Routine with Home Automation

Anyone with young children knows what a struggle bedtime can be.  Adding home automation solutions to your nightly routine can help the whole family wind down and sleep safely through the night.

For the Kids

From battles over brushing teeth to staying in bed, many kids can struggle with bedtime. Establishing a consistent nightly routine is important to help kids calm down and ensure they get the sleep they need. While tactics such as a warm bath or a bedtime story can go a long way, the following home automation features discussed below can simplify the process.9645037_17b2cbbfbd_b

Television, Electronics and Network Access

Many families like to wind down after dinner by watching a show or two. Problems can arise, though, when it’s time to turn the TV off and put various electronics away. With home automation, it’s easy to set a password-protected timer that removes the struggle. The system automatically turns the TV off, cuts off internet access to certain devices, or other administrator defined criteria at a programmed time. This can establish and enforce family rules and potentially reduce confrontations with children.

Additionally, it’s easy to control the power to your television, video game equipment or limit network access, so you can make sure the electronics stay turned off for the night.

Advanced Lighting Control

With an automated home, there are endless lighting options to help with bedtime. One option is to set a timed dimmer on the lights in your child’s room. When enabled bedroom lights will slowly dim for 15 minutes (or however long you choose), allowing kids to transition from evening activities to bedtime. This eliminates the argument of when it’s time for lights out.

There’s also the option to create preset moods or scenes that combine lighting, music, and temperature. Many in our industry call these pre-programmed settings “scenes.”  Using scenes on a regular basis will give your child several sensory indicators that it’s time to go to bed to sleep.

As your child becomes more independent, you can grant access to the lighting controls for their room. This may save trips to wake you up in the night if they can reach the lights for themselves.

For Parents

While adults don’t typically struggle with bedtime quite like their young children, an automated home can still make your evening more relaxing.

Lighting Scenes

As is mentioned above, it’s easy to create a variety of lighting scenes that incorporate lighting controls, music, and temperature. As you’re winding down for the evening and enjoying a couple of hours without young kids at your feet, just a click of a button can dim the lights and play some relaxing music. When you’re ready to go to sleep, you can turn off the lights right from your bed. No clap on, clap off lights here!

Check on the Kids

Ever wonder if your kids are really staying in bed? If your kids are prone to escape from their rooms at night, home automation can be a big help. Instead of walking to their bedroom, cracking the door, and taking the risk of waking them up, you can use your home’s automated video surveillance to your advantage to quickly pull up the stream from your baby or young child’s room.

Lock Doors and Windows

The most important part of a nightly routine is ensuring your family’s safety. Home automation options make it simple to double check that all doors and windows are locked without touring the whole house. It’s easy to create nighttime presets, so that with a click of a button, your interior lights turn off, your perimeter security system is enabled, and your windows and doors locked tight.  If there is anything amiss, it lets you know immediately and tells you exactly where you have an issue. More than anything, this is what will keep you sleeping soundly at night.


These solutions are admittedly simple solutions, but in reality that’s the intention. These small, everyday changes add up to giving you a simpler, more relaxing home. Customization could include turning on a light to 30% during the middle of the night when a sensor detects motion assuring visibility as needed. The options to integrate separate systems are only limited by your imagination.

Automated Environments has been designing, installing, and updating home and office automation systems for over 20 years.  We are experts in helping you create the environment you seek. To learn more about the features and capabilities of the control systems mentioned above, please contact us.

Photo by Pieter Vanhaecke / CC BY

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