Automate Your Lighting for Winter Solstice


Winter requires big adjustments when it comes to your home’s interior and exterior lighting. In Phoenix, the average sunset time changes from 7:45 PM in June to 5:20 PM in December. With Daylight Savings Time ending at the beginning of November and yesterday’s Winter Solstice, you can optimize the energy efficiency you will need to monitor your lighting schemes.

Create an Automated Night Scene for Your Home

Many people create what they call a “goodnight” automation scene for their home, where all interior lights are turned off and doors are locked with just a click of a button. In the winter months, consider creating a similar “nighttime” scene for when you arrive home after work. You can create a schedule to turn on your porch lights, light up heavy traffic interior spaces, and warm up your home, all with one scene. These systems can be programmed to adjust to different sunset times, anticipated arrival times, known comings and goings, and whatever other timing criteria you desire. Devices today allow you to update your pre-programmed scene by accessing internet supplied sunset or sunrise times.

Proper lighting may further allow you to increase the safety of your home concerning winter-specific needs.

Keep Your Home Safe with Security Lighting

In general, increased lighting will add visibility and may improve your safety and security. Winter months can create dark, shadowy and uninviting environments.  Well-lit homes, walks and driveways create a far more inviting environment in which to live and enjoy safely. When installing exterior security lighting or cameras, it’s important to consult with a professional. Not only will they ensure that vulnerable areas have the visibility needed, but they will also design a system that avoids unnecessary light pollution and excessive energy costs. Automation systems, light or motion sensors, and other electronic equipment can provide added levels of safety to a home, garage, walkway or drive.

Don’t Forget about Early Morning Lighting Needs

Shorter days can also mean darker mornings. Automation systems can automatically remember, adjust, and update your morning lighting scenes. The sun rises in the Valley of the Sun as early as 5:20 AM in June, while December can bring sunrises as late as 7:30 AM. Just like the nighttime lighting scenes described above, you can create a morning scene to wake you up and start your day. In addition to interior and exterior lighting, consider using automation to set your desired temperature, play soft music, and even start your coffee maker.

As with any home automation project, Automated Environments is dedicated to perfecting solutions that work with you and your family. To learn more about the features and capabilities of the control systems mentioned above, please contact us.

Photo by Naomi King / CC BY

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