What is Automation? (And How Can It Help You?)

8427426570_d41069a947_zAutomation can mean different things to different people. Is a wireless door lock automation? Does a security system I can check in on from the internet count? What about wireless thermostats? First and foremost we are a company focused on being a resource to our customers. Towards that end, we are undertaking a new initiative- the Automated Environments blog! Here we hope to provide more information on specific technologies, solutions to common problems, and insight into our industry as a whole. To begin this effort, let’s answer an important question, “What is automation and what can it do for you?”

Modern homes are replete with different systems, many or all of which are used on a daily basis. When was the last day you didn’t use your thermostat, your television, your computer network or phone system? More importantly, when is the last time you didn’t use several or all of these at once? As the walls of our homes and businesses fill up with ever more technology, interacting and keeping up with all of these systems becomes a chore. The interaction points for these systems are frequently scattered around different locations and are protected by multiple, different passwords. Importantly, these systems do not communicate with one another. Why would your thermostat need to talk to your security system? Why would your television need to communicate with your lights? What about your phone with your audio system?

In reality, the only “hub” to which these systems all connect… is you. Your experience at home or the office is informed by all of these systems, and the interconnectivity and communication by them, on a daily basis. Being the “hub” however means that YOU must keep track of the passwords. YOU must keep track of the locations of structured panels. YOU must tell each system independently what you need from it at all times. In this age of future technology, wouldn’t it be nice to have some help?

This is automation. Simplifying how you control and interact with these various systems as well as empowering them to better fit and augment your lifestyle. There are system available today to help YOU. From a single app on the phone in your pocket or a single touchscreen on your bedroom wall, you can control all of the independent systems in your home. More importantly, unifying operation and control of these systems allows effective communication between them. You no longer need to manually set a thermostat, turn music on or off, and arm your security system before you leave. Now you can lock your front door and automatically have your thermostat set, your security system arm, and your audio or video system turn on to a preferred channel. Instead of hitting a light switch when you walk in a room, the motion detector from the security system or a geofence can turn the light on for you when it senses your presence in the room. Or perhaps instead of coming home and having to disarm the security system, turn on the lights, warm the spa or pool and turn on the family room television, have all of these systems activate when you open your garage door while pulling in to your driveway. No longer do five to ten remotes need to complicate your life. The possibilities are nearly infinite and limited more by your imagination than any technological roadblock!

Our goal at Automated Environments is to be the finest systems integrator in the world. We expect everything from the cleanliness of our pre-wires through the completeness of our programming to be top notch and beyond reproach. At Automated Environments we are happy and hopeful to assist in the implementation of the many systems demanded by modern life. However, we are also uniquely qualified to make these systems more powerful and more available to YOU- providing you more comfort, less frustration and a greater enjoyment of your own life. Let us be your partner, a trusted resource, in navigating the difficult terrain of the technological landscape.

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